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ARCOS RosterApps

Project type

Enterprise Software Product




Product Manager

Application Type

Web Application, Native Mobile Application (Android & iOS)

RosterApps is a crew scheduling application that simplifies and automates the tedious and recurring tasks associated with resource scheduling. The powerful system allows organizations to create rules, aligned with business processes and workforce contracts, to govern the management of shift assignments, trades, bidding, and time off. The solution ensures that organizations maintain minimum staffing levels in accordance with regulations while allowing employees the flexibility to manage their own schedules and time off.

Evan served as the Product Manager for RosterApps with an emphasis on shifting the product from a legacy system designed for a single industry, to one that was flexible and able to thrive in a broader ARCOS customer portfolio. Additionally, Evan was tasked with finding ways to enhance the solution to support new use cases, as well as to tighten the integration with the ARCOS platform. In this role, Evan was responsible for understanding and defining the markets for which ARCOS would be a fit, working with finance to develop pricing and packaging for the RosterApps product, and defining the product vision and strategy. Additionally, Evan led the ideation and discovery efforts for new innovative features and functionality and defined a new strategy for requirement gathering, leveraging Design Thinking concepts to improve Time-to-Value by 30% and opening up access to over $350M in TAM. He worked cross-functionally to obtain team and executive-level buy-in for new initiatives and aligned product goals with corporate goals to create a bridge between product and company success. Evan prioritized existing and new backlog items into a roadmap that enabled visibility into the progress toward achieving product goals. He also managed the releases and validated the success of product launches through open communication with client stakeholders.

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