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Arora Venue Management Platform

Project Type

Enterprise Platform Solution


2016 - 2021


Product Manager

Application Type


The Venue Management Platform (VMP) is a custom product developed by Arora Technology Group that helped large venues convert floorplans not indoor mapping data for use in providing dynamic indoor mapping technology to the public. Arora was the first organization to make it possible for organizations to convert existing floorplans from CAD, BIM, and GeoDB files into IMDF and have them certified by Apple for use with MapKit and Core Location services for providing accurate indoor positioning. The VMP allows organizations to complete the conversion and store the data for easy retrieval and use by the organization and approved vendors for any indoor mapping scenario.

Evan served as the Product Manager for the development of the Venue Management Platform and a subject matter expert on the IMDF standard. Working closely with Apple, venue owners, and other stakeholders, Evan helped to discover, detail, and document requirements, engaging as the Voice of the Customer. He distilled business requirements into functional and non-functional requirements and worked with a Product Owner to draft Product Backlog items. As the product evolved, he served as the main point of contact with stakeholders to validate requirements and understand the technical elements of the conversion process.

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