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Project Type

Enterprise Platform Solution



Application Type

Web, Native Mobile (Android & iOS)


Product Manager

Arora ATLAS is a B2B SaaS solution designed to streamline the work management process by leveraging APIs, enterprise system data, and custom workflows. The product ingests data from a variety of sources, consolidates the data, and presents it in a way that each user persona can leverage to perform their tasks.

Evan served as the Product Manager for this product and was responsible for its delivery from inception. It was his job to define the product vision, strategy, and roadmap for success. Evan worked with internal and external stakeholders to gather and curate requirements, wrote business cases, and distilled them into Stories that became Product Backlog Items (PBIs). He was also responsible for understanding and defining the market and for setting the pricing strategy and approach. Evan worked closely with partners in marketing, sales, engineering, and support, serving as the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to ensure that requirements were met and the market was satisfied. He was ultimately responsible for the budget and worked in tandem with sales and marketing to educate the market about the product and encourage buying decisions. Evan trained and mentored a Product Owner so that he could focus on some of the more strategic elements of product management.

Evan worked with maintenance subject matter experts (SMEs) to document and define workflows for data ingested from a variety of sensors and systems utilizing multiple methods including APIs and direct data streams. He is also the lead inventor on a U.S. Patent for the design and architecture of a cloud-focused solution for asset management and the integration of multiple data streams to support it.

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