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Project type

Enterprise Application (Mobile and Web)


2018 - 2021


Product Manager

Application Type

Web and Native Mobile Apps (Android and iOS)

Trax is a platform for facilities management that leverages key data points, specific to each location, to drive more efficient and effective facilities management operations. Trax Clean & Inspect allows facilities to digitize custodial cleaning and inspection workflows and provides visibility into the effectiveness of the efforts. Trax SmartRestroom builds on Clean & Inspect by incorporating sensor technology and other data elements to form an intelligent system for improving restroom operational performance, enhancing cleanliness, and improving the overall guest experience. Trax CleanConnect provides a facility-wide view of sensors and teams to provide overall health for each location where it is deployed. Each system is tied back to reports and dashboards that can be leveraged to ensure that operations are as effective and efficient as possible.

Evan served as the Product Manager for this product and was responsible for its delivery from inception. It was his job to define the product vision, strategy, and roadmap for success. Evan worked with internal and external stakeholders to gather and curate requirements, wrote business cases, and distilled them into Stories that became Product Backlog Items (PBIs). He was also responsible for understanding and defining the market and for setting the pricing strategy and approach. Evan worked closely with partners in marketing, sales, engineering, and support, serving as the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to ensure that requirements were met and the market was satisfied. He was ultimately responsible for the budget and worked in tandem with sales and marketing to educate the market about the product and encourage buying decisions. Evan trained and mentored a Product Owner so that he could focus on some of the more strategic elements of product management.

In addition to the front-end UX/UI design, Evan was responsible for designing the backend data flow, working with hardware vendors to understand the data their technology generated, and then helping to architect how that data would be utilized in the Trax platform. Evan worked with large datasets to capture, store, and utilize data elements that would ultimately provide value to the defined algorithm and support the Trax use cases.

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