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Evan Queitsch

Senior Product Manager



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Evan is an accomplished B2B SaaS product leader with 8+ years of excellence in generating new product ideas, employing marketing strategies, leveraging Design Thinking concepts, & determining requirements, while finding opportunities to drive maximum revenue. His success in product management has largely come due to his user-focused approach to working with SaaS products in distributed cloud environments and his experience has included managing several products as part of larger platforms with integrated data.  Previously, Evan was the Senior Product Manager at ARCOS, LLC where he helped to mentor other Product Managers and begin the company’s transition to a “product-led” ecosystem. He led the effort to evolve a leading resource management solution, RosterApps,

from a legacy, single-industry focus, to a modern and flexible system that could be utilized across the breadth of ARCOS’ client base.  Prior to that, Evan helped to lead Arora Technology Group, a startup that was founded within the Arora Engineers company to help Arora’s clients realize the value and benefits of the data their building systems and connected work management tools, could provide.  In this role, Evan led all product activities, mentored several product and engineering professionals, and was responsible for the delivery and success of several Arora Technology Group related solutions.  With both direct report leadership roles, and cross-department relationship building, Evan has been able to build trust and consensus in multiple ways which has helped the products that he has managed to successfully launch and thrive in the market.


What I Do

●       Strategy & Visioning

●       Market analysis & research

●       Customer intelligence & outreach

●       Competitive landscape analysis

●       OKR and KPI development

●       Cross-functional team coordination

●       Portfolio product development

●       Product financial management & value-based pricing

●       People management

●       Ideation & Discovery

●       Requirements gathering & definition

●       Roadmap development

●       Launch & delivery planning

●       Product lifecycle management

●       Defining & measuring success

●       Advanced technical & reporting skills

●       A/B testing

●       UX design

Reach Me






Newark, Delaware, United States


Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch very soon.

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